Our Partners

Center for Sleep Reserach and Sleep Medicine

We have been working very closely with the Center for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine from the University Medical Center of Freiburg in Germany, whose expertise and long time experience in the field of sleep disorders was extremely precious.

The center is headed by Professor Dieter Riemann, the chief of the
section of clinical psychology and psychophysiology/sleep medicine.
Pr. Riemann is an internationally renowned expert in the field of sleep
research and sleep disorders medicine. He is a member of the German Sleep Society, the European Sleep Research Society and the American Sleep Research Society.

Pr. Riemann also belongs to the Executive Board of the German Sleep Society, is the head of the Commission for Scientific Coordination and leads the task force on Insomnia. The first meeting of the European
Insomnia Network (E.I.N.) took place in July 2012 in Freiburg. In this group, scientists from more than 23 countries work closely together to tackle sleep disorders by putting their efforts in common through their own work and ideas.

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