About 70 million people in the U.S., 90 million in wide Europe, 25 million in the Middle East, 47 million in Central and South America,192 million in China alone, 150 million in the developing world, all suffer from sleep-
related problems. Far from diminishing, the problem is increasing,
making Scientists from all countries ask the question :
Are Sleep Problems the Next Global Health Crisis?

We are extremely proud to present our newest app: SleepAngel.

SleepAngel is a revolutionary mobile sleep diary designed to collect data about certain aspects of  sleep on a subjective level, like sleep onset latency, total sleep time, etc.

Presently, sleep diaries are an integral part of the diagnostic and therapeutic process of cognitive-behavioral interventions for insomnia (CBT-I), CBT-I being regarded as the most effective and sustainable treatment modality for insomnia.

SleepAngel allows these data to be easily collected over weeks or months by the afflicted individual him/herself, with the convenience of simply answering some questions on his/her phone twice a day wherever he/she is and then transmitting these data to our sleep professionals for analysis.


SleepAngel friendly and easy to complete diary more accurately reflects individual sleep behavior than general statements about sleep elicited from clinical interviews or sleep questionnaires.


You fill your diary when you go to sleep and when you wake up and each session will take no more than 1 minute to complete.


From the data collected by SleepAngel we can learn more about relationships between your sleep quality and other factors, for example spending more time in bed on weekends and in consequence sleeping worse from Sunday to Monday. Feedback from the sleep diary thus offers valuable information and insights, which can be utilized to improve sleep quality.

SleepAngel is available in your App store. Icon-Small-50@2x


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